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FMTV Gift Card (like Netflix for Health)

Give a gift that can change lives. With over 400 videos and 70% exclusive content, FMTV is home to an ever-expanding selection of inspirational and thought-provoking documentaries, healthy recipes, yoga flows, exercise classes, expert interviews and loads more. It's like the Netflix for health!

Format: Gift Card

3 months then you can subscribe monthly or yearly.

All your favorite films in one place

Food Matters have hand-picked every video to combine the best health advice, thought-provoking documentaries and practical tools capable of transforming your life. But it's completely up to you how you want to use it! Stream it on-demand from your computer, mobile device. It's like having a nutritionist and personal trainer at your fingertips any time of the day!
Yoga, Recipes, Meditation, Expert Interviews.

It's all here on FMTV! Spend evenings with leading health experts in your living room, watch yoga videos on your iPad while in downward dog on your yoga mat, learn how to plant the most nutritious food ever while tending to your veggie patch, or use your mobile to watch a raw food chef serve up a nutritious meal to give you ideas for later.

FMTV will inspire and guide you on your health journey by teaching you how to:

Improve your diet, health wellbeing,
Do a juice cleanse and detox,
Prepare tasty and delicious meals,
Heal your body with real whole foods superfoods,
Achieve your ideal weight naturally, and
Reconnect your mind and body, and manage stress.

The Gift Card

The FMTV Gift Card gives you three months worth of unlimited access to FMTV (that's a $23.85 value!). Use the gift card to pay for your own subscription, or give a life-changing gift to friends, family, teachers, or perhaps even a complete stranger!

Simply scratch to reveal the unique code on the card, login online, and start getting inspired!