Melrose Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml

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Pumpkin Seed Oil contains essential fatty acid-; Omega-6 Linoleic acid- 52% and Omega-9 Oleic acid-29%. Essential fatty acids are oils that are essential for health but which cannot be manufactured by the human body. Melrose Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil also contains antioxidant vitamins A E, which protect cells from free radical damage and aids the body to grow, maintain and heal.
We would not recommend using this oil for frying as it would destroy the good fat content. You can create an easy dressing with the delicious nutty flavor of Melrose Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil together with vinegar. For a new experience try it on fresh green salads, warm potato or bean salads. Marinade meat, drizzle over steamed vegetables or pasta plus delicious results in baking.

Ingredients-100% Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil