Tom Organic Tampons Super 14's

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No chlorine bleaches, no dyed strings, no polypropylene (plastic) outer layers. Toms tampons contain only 1 ingredient: certified organic cotton. They are as comfortable, easy to use and absorbent as any other tampon. Plus, their cleverly designed slim packs mean no more tampons jumping around in your handbag.

TOM was born out of a desire to create the purest products imaginable. Our personal care range is manufactured with love and respect for our planet, keeping synthetic pesticides and chemicals out of the air, water and soil. We only use certified organically grown and harvested cotton, employing sustainable farming practices.

TOM Organic products are made with pure organic cotton, providing the ultimate in purity and breathability for one of the most sensitive and absorbent parts of our body.

What began as a desire to create organic feminine hygiene has evolved into a journey to support and nourish women at every important stage of their lives. As an Australian, female owned company we're proud that all of our products have been developed by women, for women.

As a parent I find myself faced with many questions about
the life I want to create for our children, by making
the choice to support and trust sustainable farming
practices, I believe we are helping to build safer and
healthier world for future generations to grow and play.

We choose to make our products with organic cotton
to the core because we believe that even the smallest
decisions can have great impact.

Now it's up to you to make your choice count too.