WOTNOT SPF 30+ Sunscreen 150g

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WOTNOT Sunscreen SPF 30+ 150g

High protection face and body lotion enriched with all natural and certified organic ingredients. WOTNOT 30 SPF sunscreen will protect you and your family outdoors naturally.

Products are ideal for people with sensitive skin. It is beautiful texture, no separation formula and easy to apply

  • GMO free
  • Sulphates free 
  • Free from Petrochemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and fragrances 
  • Australian made
  • Zinc oxide active
  • Free from titanium dioxide

Ingredient:  uses micronised Zinc Oxide (25Ch reflects UV-A and UV-B rays rather than chemical actives which absorb these rays.


  1. It is important to apply your sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going out in the sun. This allows the sunscreen to reach each layer of the skin and provides maximum protection. 
  2. Sunscreen should be applied evenly and liberally to ensure all exposed areas are protected.
  3. Always read the label and use only as directed.