Amazing Oils Ugly Bits Stick Roll On 15ml

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Ugly Bits Stick

A new way to naturally concentrate the Amazing Oils solution.
The Amazing Oils Ugly Bits Stick is just what you need for skin tags, blemishes,lumps and bumps.

The Ugly Bits Stick can make them disappear in a couple of weeks.
No chemicals, no nasties.
Just the same natural goodness you have came to expect from Amazing Oils.

To be clear-this amazing product does not work on EVERY single type of Keratosis, only the most common together with skin tags and warts. Its best to use 4-6 times a day for the first week. You should be noticing some serious shrinkage aften ten days. If you have one of the rarer types at least you will still be getting a serious hit of magnesium for over-all wellbeing!