BON AMI Powder Cleanser 400g (No Harsh Chemicals, Non-Toxic)

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Bon Ami Powder Cleanser

For Kitchens & Bathrooms 
Suitable for all Types of Surfaces
Cleans Grime & Dirt
Polishes Surfaces
Absorbs Odors

"Many people with chemical sensitivities have a better cleaning experience using Bon Ami because it cleans without unnecessary harsh additives."

Made with biodegradable cleaning agents - 5 simple ingredients:

1. Limestone (Calcium Carbonate)
2. Feldspar
3. Surfactant
4. Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)
5. Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Directions: Wet surface, sprinkle on Bon Ami. Rub with wet sponge or cloth. Rinse.