Little Mashies Reusable Squeeze Pouch Orange 2 Pack

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Little Mashies2 Pack contains 2 reusable pouches in a gorgeous bright orange colour. The orange Little Mashies monster is giggling and is completely loveable! He is loved by many and we often see children talking to their Mashies or using them as toys!

Apart from being super cute and adorable our reusable food pouches are convenient! Make your own yoghurt or by a healthier tub of store bought yoghurt and then make your own food pouches. It saves money and avoids the high sugar content of many supermarket yoghurt pouches. Little Mashies reusable food pouches are also great for baby food purees, soups, custards, chia puddings and smoothies. 

Our reusable food pouches are made from the highest quality materials and are completely safe for babies from 4 months of age. As soon as your baby starts solids you can use our reusable food pouches to store your home made baby purees and then once your baby begins to eat out of the house you can use our reusable food pouches to take the food with you on the go. Our reusable food pouches fit the standard baby feeding spoon attachments that are on the market and they are the perfect shape for older babies to hold themselves when they go through the “I’m independent” phase!

For older babies our reusable food pouches can be used for yoghurt, or smoothies and for pre-schoolers you can use the to freeze healthy green smoothies and add it to the lunchbox as an ice-pack.

Our orange pack of reusable food pouches has all of the same features as the other Little Mashies pouches. They are super strong, designed to be curved so no food gets stuck when cleaning AND they have the anti-leak ziplock.

Our reusable food pouches re 130mls each are dishwasher and freezer safe

Phthalate free, BPA free, lead free and PVC free