My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder with Activated Charcoal 30g

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Our tooth powder is Vegan friendly and a natural teeth whitener that contains only raw, supplement grade ingredients.

I actually created it to help our children. I was searching for something to help them with their sensitivity and to help improve their teeth and gums that was natural. It was important to me that the formula be something they would actually use and what I came up with was really effective and totally tasteless.
Jessica Arman, Creator Founder

Paleo Tooth Powder
Non-GMO Tooth Powder
No Fluoride Tooth Powder

Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal
Removes Toxins
Boosts Immunity

Organic Orange Peel Extract
Removes Stains
Effective Whitener
No Citric Acid
No Orange Flavor

Organic Mint
Soothes Teeth Gums
Reverses Pain
Fresh Feeling
No Mint Flavor

Bentonite Clay
Pulls Out Bad Stuff
Strengthens Teeth

Who Can Use?
Adults Children

Whitens Polishes
Removes Toxins
Boosts Immunity
Safe to Swallow
No Fluoride
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Health Nuts

Detoxes Mouth
Whitens Teeth
Total Body Health
Raw Formula
Paleo Vegan Friendly
Natural Alternative

Expecting Nursing Mothers

Removes Toxins
Boosts Immunity
Holistic Health
No Chemicals
Helps with Pregnancy Gingivitis
Raw Formula for Nursing Mothers


Decreases Mouth Pain
Helps Reverse Sensitivity
Pulls Stains from Dentures, Bonding, etc.
Removes Toxins
Boosts Immunity
Helps with Dry Mouth

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