Rawsome Creations Nut Milk Bag

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Nut Milk/Juicing/Sprouting Bag

FAIR TRADE - made in Bali, Indonesia by Wayan and her friends
100% nylon - sanitary, stain-resistant, easy to clean - 10 x12 inches - 2.5+ Quart capacity
Fine mesh minimizes sediment and allows for sprouting of even the smallest of seeds and grains
Bias cut and serge-stitched seams ensure flexibility and durability
Multi-tasker, Multiple uses, Reusable - Easy to place over a pitcher for straining - Great for Travel
Rawsome Creations More than a NUT MILK BAG is perfect for for juicing, sprouting making nut milk ! Fresh juice!
The More than a NUT MILK BAG is a reusable 10 x 12 inch Nut Milk/Juicing/Sprout Bag hand-made with high-quality fine mesh nylon.
So many uses, so little time!

Seams on the outside help keep the bag clean - thoroughly tested in production environment
Re-usable bag for storage - Recipes and instructions on label

This nut milk bag is reusable. It can be used for nut milks and straining juices. It's so much easier and faster than using a strainer. The drawstring means you can just hang it and let it do its own thing!

A note about Nylon

After testing bags constructed with natural fibers, we found that nylon, over time, is the only satisfactory material. Nylon, being non-porous, makes our bags easy to clean after use, so the bags stay clean and remain strong and intact for many, many uses. We found that natural fiber bags stain quickly and tend to add smell and taste to their contents after only a few uses, but nylon remains neutral.
For Nut Milks

Just blend your choice of nuts, water and a sweetener of your choice, (agave, dates, honey) and blend in an high-speed blender (Vitamix or similar). Then strain through the nut milk bag for silky, smooth, creamy milk that can replace any diary or soy milk for drinking or in recipes.
For Juicing

You can place the pulp from freshly squeezed juice in this bag and squeeze. You'll be amazed at how much more juice comes out! Also when traveling and you don't have a juicer handy, you can blend fruits with a little water in a blender and strain through the bag. Voila!

Nut and seed milk
Fruit Sauce

How to Clean

Empty nut, veggie or fruit pulp into another bag or container and wash the bag completely under running warm water. Hang to air dry. For stubborn stains, soak the bag in GSE (grapefruit seed extract) and water.