Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder 200g

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Synergy Wheat Grass is 100% pure, whole leaf Wheat Grass powder (Triticum aestivum). It is grown outdoors without pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers in an environmentally clean area of Australia and contains no additives, fillers, colours or preservatives.

Synergy Wheat Grass contains: 

  • 300% the Calcium of milk
  • 800% more iron than spinach
  • 200% the fibre of bran
  • 24% protein (more than meat, fish, eggs or dairy)

Why Take Wheat Grass?

  • 18 vitamins and 8 basic proteins required for essential body function.
  • A generous supply of Beta-carotene, important in the function of Vitamin A.
  • A rich supply of Chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier.
  • Over 80 minerals including Iron, Calcium and Potassium and the trace elements Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium.
  • A highly alkalising food that may counter the over-acidity of many processed foods.


100% pure, whole leaf Wheat Grass powder (Triticum aestivum). 
No additives, fillers, colours or preservatives.  
Unlike wheat grain, Wheat Grass contains no gluten.